Casino’s Favourite Poker Game Launched with a Cool Twist on CryptoPunt Platform!

We are extremely delighted to announce the latest addition to the wide array of casino games on the CryptoPunt platform — Poker! A casino game that has been around for several fun-laden years now, Poker continues to be the most popular indulgence for many a game night. CryptoPunt, however, will introduce some unique twists and riveting elements to the game, while retaining its jam-packed gameplay.

Interestingly called Texas Holdem on the CryptoPunt platform, the game will be launched as a one-versus-one version. We would, however, ask you to cool your heels, as the multi-player gameplay is also on the cards!

Just like all our games, a carefully thought-out user interface and an enriched gaming experience with brilliant graphics, engaging soundtracks and addictive gameplay continues to be our focus areas with Texas Holdem. Every player will have an equal chance of winning, allowing all gamers to confidently put their best foot forward and take away huge rewards. You could easily bet your PUN tokens during the game and bag many more of them during the gameplay.

We are pretty sure the exciting new Poker game on CryptoPunt is set to become your go-to favourite immediately!

So, brace yourself!

In 2 weeks’, you’ll get to play the most riveting poker game yet! We highly recommend you to stay up-to-date with all our new launches both on our website and social media channels Twitter and Instagram. Subscribe to our exclusive newsletter on Substack and never miss out on any updates from our side!



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