CryptoPunt Announces Dual Token Listing and Platform Launch

Next-generation gaming platform CryptoPunt approaches dual mainnet launch and PUN token listing on October 18th

With the development process undergoing final touch-ups, we are thrilled to announce that CryptoPunt is ready to commence its dual token listing and Matic mainnet product launch. On the 18th of October, the $PUN token will have its IDO, followed shortly by its listing on Uniswap. On the same day, the gaming ecosystem will open its doors to the public!

CryptoPunt has already been making headlines in the crypto gaming and gambling industry, being recognized as one of the few truly decentralized efforts at blockchain-based gaming. The $PUN token, situated at the forefront of the platform’s ecosystem, will provide IDO participants and Uniswap buyers with significant utility from the get-go.

PUN token holders will immediately gain unabridged access to the CryptoPunt platform after the listing. The platform will initially include access to two beautifully-designed blockchain games — Jackpot and Coinflip. PUN holders will also be able to tap into lucrative staking and yield farming opportunities which are native to CryptoPunt.

These events are lined up to take place on October 18th and the CryptoPunt team is preparing a huge marketing campaign ahead of this major milestone. CryptoPunt has already accomplished some significant milestones. The platform recently shared a pre-alpha version of the platform to some early-stage investors and community testers which received exemplary feedback. Moreover, we have opted to enhance the mobile responsiveness of the platform to provide a seamless experience from the start.

CryptoPunt is lining up to be a next-generation gaming platform and the initial games will only be the first iteration in what will be a versatile and deeply immersive gaming platform. The dual listing and mainnet launch will be a major milestone on CryptoPunt’s journey to becoming a leader in the field of blockchain-based gaming. Additional details regarding the listings will be provided in a follow-up post.

Stay tuned, and learn more!



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