CryptoPunt Continues Robust Development Progress

CryptoPunt integrates infrastructure-wide improvements while also implementing game-specific changes

CryptoPunt is thrilled to report that we continue to further improve and advance our versatile blockchain-based gaming and gambling platform. We have integrated infrastructure-wide improvements while also implementing codebase changes to specific games on the platform.

Within the CryptoPunt dashboard, we have made improvements to our game selection process, allowing gamers to easily navigate to their desired game and understand the entry requirements and specifications for each game. Moreover, we are pleased to announce that we are making progress and improvements on several games including multiplayer poker, heads-up poker, Dino Run, and To The Moon.

For both heads-up and multiplayer poker, we have identified and addressed several bugs within these games. Poker is one of the most popular games worldwide and we are pleased to offer a decentralized version of this game to blockchain users globally.

We have also been making significant improvements to Dino Run and To The Moon. Dino Run rapidly approaches launch as the team continues full-scale development on the application while a new version of To The Moon has just been released which offers gamers an improved overall experience.

Throughout 2022, CryptoPunt will continue to release new gaming releases and further improve our current gaming options. We also have some exciting gaming initiatives lined up and we will release further information on these initiatives over the coming weeks.



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