CryptoPunt Gameplan Overview

Hi again, CryptoPunt community members!

We wanted to give you a collated overview of the latest updates on what we are currently working until the end of the year! As you all know, our committed and driven team is fully engrossed in building the best platform for your online gaming experience which has resulted in so many amazing updates to share with you all! Here we’ll you an update on Robot Miner, Blackjack, Crash, Dino Run and Dino Run NFT!

Robot Miner

Our first update must be about our first originally created game AND our first non casino-like game, Robot Miner! For Robot Miner, we have consciously kept the concept simple and fast-paced to ensure gamers have the chance to stack PUN tokens as easily and effectively as possible.

Robot Miner can be seen as a fun and easy to play game which provides you with the ability to earn money. What’s more, the groovy user interface will keep all of you engaged and captivated as well!

Mine the reward if you dare and remember, fortune will always favor the brave.


While this casino favourite needs no introduction, we have created blackjack with a twist!

Playing Blackjack on the Cryptopunt platform will allow gamers to play and bet confidently and simply focus on enjoying the game. This is because all gamers will be made aware we’ve integrated the Verifiable Randomness Function (VRF) from Chainlink. We have taken this extra step to ensure that the gambling aspect of Blackjack stays completely random, allowing the chance for anyone to win. This simply means anyone who play will have the chance to play, earn and win big prizes as well!

We are currently setting up the backend as well as preparing the game’s frontend to make it one of the most popular game on-chain where every hand is provable and published on the blockchain.

Dino Run

We’re sure you’ve heard of the famous game, Dino Run? The one where players aim to steer a Velociraptor through increasingly dangerous side-scrolling landscapes to escape an impending wall of doom? Yes? Ok!

Well, we’ve upgraded that classic, easy to play game into a play to earn format as well as integrating better user interface to make the game even more enjoyable and engaging!

Stay tuned for further updates on this game!

Dino Run NFT

We couldn’t just recreate the Dino Run game on the blockchain and not add our own twist to the game could we? As part of an upgrade to the Dino Run game, in the near future, we’ll be integrating Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) to the game as well! With NFTs integrated, users will be able to upgrade their Dino profiles and characters at their own will. Furthermore, users will be able to customize their own Dino avatar, compete with friends or even display and trade the avatar they’ve created.

What’s more? Users will also be able to select an NFT that they’ve acquired to use as their Dino in the game as they are running away from the wall of doom! Metaverse is coming!

To The Moon — Crash

For this game, we are designing a friendly user interface and integrating the play to earn model into an engaging game. Users will have the ability to pick their guess on the highest numbers before the stat falls. Pick your own fortune!

Tiki Roulette

Another simple game in development which will have cute animation and an exciting user interface to keep everyone immersed in the game!

Players simply have to select the correct lucky tooth from the crocodile’s mouth and if they successfully select the lucky tooth, they will win a random reward for that round!

If the crocodile bites, the game is over and the player gets nothing. However, if the crocodile is happy with the choice and does not bite, the player wins that round and will be able to collect the reward and continue to play to keep stacking PUN tokens!

Would you risk the terror of being bitten in order to win big and stack PUN? Be careful, they bite, BUT they also reward the bold!

* * *

Finally with all the updates coming to the CryptoPunt games, we also decided to give our mainnet a boost! We are excited to announce that CryptoPunt will be bridging to the Polygon network soon!

So many updates happening right?! And to think all this is happening before the end of the year! To keep up-to-date with everything, we highly recommend follow us on Twitter, Telegram, Instagram and subscribe to our newsletter on Substack! We are certain you don’t want to miss being part of the journey with us!



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