CryptoPunt Launches its First Originally Developed Game!

CryptoPunt is delighted to announce that our first internally developed game is now live on our mainnet! For our first originally created game, and third overall on the platform, we set out to create a unique gaming experience for our community members and PUN token holders. We believe we have done just that!

Robot Miner is also the first non-casino like game on the CryptoPunt platform with groovy user interface, which we believe will keep all gamers engaged and captivated.

We have consciously kept the concept of Robot Miner simple and fast-paced to ensure gamers have the chance to stack PUN tokens as easily and effectively as possible. The game consists of four straightforward steps as follows:

1. Place your bet, in PUN tokens, for each round

2. Once your bet has been placed, you will encounter 4 colorful meteors displayed on the screen. Out of the 4, only 1 is a hidden bomb. Your mission is to select 3 out of the 4 meteors that you believe are not explosively charged. Once selected, click ‘Go’ to confirm your selection.

3. Your friend, the Robot Miner, will pick up the three meteors you selected. If you chose all 3 correctly, you will receive 2 times the amount of PUN tokens that you bet. If one of the selected meteors is the hidden bomb, you lose the bet.

4. Play again!

Simple isn’t it? So, what are you waiting for? Try out Robot Miner now! Head over to, connect your Web3 wallet to the mainnet, navigate to the Robert Miner game and start playing and stacking PUN tokens!

We are constantly developing and partnering with unique games for our community members. So, join us on Twitter, Tik Tok and follow our news updates on Substack and the Nakamoto Games Official Website and stay tuned for all the updates and breaking news!



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