CryptoPunt to Release Remaining Private Sale Supply

CryptoPunt has made the strategic decision to release remaining private sale tokens to benefit long-term project development and community

CryptoPunt has made the strategic decision to release any remaining private sale tokens on Monday 24th of January. CryptoPunt has been committed to providing a sublime blockchain-based gaming project to internet users worldwide and the release of all remaining private sale tokens allow us to further focus efforts on refining the CryptoPunt gaming suite.

CryptoPunt is a next-generation blockchain gaming platform that provides gamers with a sublime suite of decentralized gaming options. By releasing all remaining private sale tokens, the future potential sell pressure from these tokens will be eradicated. This development benefits both the CryptoPunt team and the broader community.

The CryptoPunt team will be able to exclusively focus on product iterations and content marketing which will further improve the product and raise awareness among potential users. This will ultimately feed into the value of the CryptoPunt project and benefit all token holders. Furthermore, the potential downside sell-pressure which may have been applied as these tokens become released at a later stage will be immediately realized and sustained by our strong long-term base of holders.

CryptoPunt carefully considered this strategic decision and earnestly foresees it being a huge benefit to the wider project development and community. With this development coming Monday, CryptoPunt holders will thereafter be exposed to more favorable demand-supply dynamics.

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