Development Updates of the Week from CryptoPunt!

This week we are setting important goals and benchmarks for our multi-faceted gaming development platform. For the fan-favorite Blackjack, we plan on continuing frontend/backend improvements along with bug fixes. We would also be conducting multiple tests spanning a full team testing this week. At the same time, we would be focusing on adding life improvement features such as reserve seats, card flips, mute/sound and more.

For the Dino NFT special, an exhaustive community marketing strategy is in the pipeline. The Dino NFT marketplace is also ready to launch.

Frontend/backend development for Poker Multiplayer will currently be continued, along with the addition of life improvement features. We also plan on preparing for testing the platform this week for any bugs/discrepancies.

For the Dino Gameplay, our team is currently working on adding interesting new effects to the gameplay to make it more exciting for our user base. This is being accompanied by 3D character model action development.

Sicbo Hi-lo and Poker 1 vs 1 are our second priorities for the week. For Sicbo Hi-Lo we are waiting for confirmation before starting game development. As for Poker 1 vs 1, we are planning on updating to chip exchange this week along with working upon continuous gameplay features and frontend enchantment.



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