Polygon Emerges as Attractive Gaming Solution

CryptoPunt Development Roundup 1 — CoinFlip and Jackpot make significant progress

Last week, we noted that development would accelerate on the CoinFlip game. We are happy to report that we have fully completed the logic for the game and that we have begun integrating the logic with the frontend interface. The Jackpot game has proceeded to full testing and we have also integrated a chat module for the wider CryptoPunt platform.

CryptoPunt Development Roundup 2 — Integrating oracles with blockchain cloud infrastructure

Over the following, the development team will focus on other technical components of the CryptoPunt platform. We aim to finalize the oracle for the Jackpot game. Chainlink is the industry leading oracle solution for Ethereum Dapps and we will deploy this oracle solution on the Kaleido blockchain cloud infrastructure which will enable both fast and reliable data inputs into the CryptoPunt games. We will also consider how to integrate the CryptoPunt game on the Polygon MATIC testnet.

Ethereum fees reach roughly $70 in latest cycle

The three Ethereum gas fee cycles

The spikes in gas fees on Ethereum has been a cyclical event, occurring after an influx of users and a pike in activity caused an increase in the number of transactions. There have been three major fee spikes since Ethereum launched in 2016. The first spike occurred during the 2017 ICO boom when new Dapps were coordinating fundraising events on a daily basis.

Gaming platforms turn to infrastructure solution Polygon

Many platforms have turned to Polygon (MATIC) to alleviate the fees incurred by their users. Polygon is an Ethereum infrastructure solution that allows projects to access greater throughput and lower fees by connecting to their network.

About CryptoPunt

CryptoPunt is a next-generation gaming and gambling Dapp. Underpinned by the Ethereum blockchain, CryptoPunt is positioning itself to be the leading blockchain-based gaming application. Users can start gaming in less than one minute with no KYC or registration process. CryptoPunt will offer a broad suite of games, including an option that has a virtual world and in-game economy.

Stay tuned, and learn more!



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