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The Punters Pick #5 –How blockchain and NFTs changed the dynamics of the online gaming industry

Both blockchain technology and non-fungible tokens (NFTs) have played a critical role in the recent evolution of the online gaming industry. Online gaming has already found some strong applications in blockchain but the increasing interest in NFTs has made even more interesting applications possible.

Data showing the user inflow into the blockchain gaming industry highlights the growth of blockchain-based games. In the latest version of The Punters Pick, we highlight some of the top games that are innovating and attracting users into the blockchain gaming industry. We consider how these gaming platforms have performed since the start of 2021 and highlight some of the features of the upcoming CryptoPunt platform. Before diving into this week’s release, we’re also giving an update on the technical progress of CryptoPunt.

Developer Update — CryptoPunt moves to testing after reaching key milestones

Over the past week, the CryptoPunt team has put into place measures to accelerate the process of building a secure and seamless decentralized gaming platform. The team has carried out intensive discussions regarding what tools would be used for both the CryptoPunt smart contracts and the Web3 wallet connection. Solutions such as Chainlink and Band Protocol were considered for various integrations. The team has arrived at what will be the key technology stack for the gaming protocol. All of the technical components have been carefully chosen to ensure a versatile decentralized gaming experience within a sublime UI/UX.

Over the week ahead, CryptoPunt will begin testing various facets of the gaming environment. Smart contracts will be tested on a private blockchain network. The team also intends to finalize and test the prototype of the Jackpot game. Once the Jackpot game has been finalized and rigorously tested, the process for implementing the other two MVP games will be much more straightforward. Finally, the team aims to further refine the CryptoPunt homepage over the following week. The homepage will be the key landing point for prospective CryptoPunt users and its layout needs to be carefully considered. CryptoPunt newcomers will be able to easily establish their Web3 wallet connection within seconds of arriving on the homepage.

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Alien Worlds leads daily active users with DeFi NFT Metaverse

According to data from DappRadar, Alien Worlds ranks as the leading blockchain-based game in terms of users. The game is described as a DeFi NFT metaverse where you can collect and play with unique digital items.

At the beginning of 2021, only 1.5k users participated on the Alien World gaming platform. Volume on the platform was negligible and the total number of transactions was a meager 46.4k.

At the time of writing, the number of daily users on Alien Worlds has exploded to 226.3K with over 10 million daily transactions. The number of daily users of the game recently reached an all-time high of over 460k.


Buying and selling virtual properties linked to real-world addresses

Upland ranks second in terms of active daily users. It is a blockchain game that is described as the Earth’s Metaverse where players can buy, sell, and trade virtual properties mapped to real-world addresses.

At the beginning of 2021, Upland only had 4.1k users and recorded only 20.2k transactions. Upland’s surge in growth may not be as exponential as that of Alien World but its current user base of 22.3k and 109.3k transactions shows significant growth. Upland offers participants the opportunity of becoming digital landowners, flipping properties for profit, and running a virtual business to earn UPX coins.


CryptoPunt lines up the next blockchain-based digital economy

Both Alien Worlds and Upland enable blockchain users to tap into vibrant in-game worlds and economies where they can collect and trade in-game items. Such gaming opportunities are becoming increasingly relevant as netizens immerse themselves deeper into the expanding Metaverse.

CryptoPunt is an Ethereum-based gaming platform that will also allow players to immerse themselves into such virtual worlds and trade in virtual economies with assets of real value. CryptoPunt is initially launching with a suite of popular gambling options and will expand to cutting-edge gaming experiences.

About CryptoPunt

CryptoPunt is a next-generation gaming and gambling Dapp. Underpinned by the Ethereum blockchain, CryptoPunt is positioning itself to be the leading blockchain-based gaming application. Users can start gaming in less than one minute with no KYC or registration process. CryptoPunt will offer a broad suite of games, including an option that has a virtual world and in-game economy.

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Cryptopunt is a blockchain-based gaming platform.