The Much-Awaited BlackJack Finally Launched on CryptoPunt!

We are extremely excited to announce the launch of our much-anticipated casino offering — the CryptoPunt Blackjack! Although the casino favorite needs absolutely no introduction, the exciting new features that we have embedded into the traditional blackjack has made it even more fun, fast-paced, and rewarding.

CryptoPunt Blackjack is a multiplayer game allowing up to 3 players to compete simultaneously. All you need to win is place your bet and get the closest to 21 without going bust! You might even play in multiple rooms with different sets of friends at the same time to enjoy the authentic casino experience. The gameplay offers the feature of randomizing four card decks through the dedicated API, besides a convenient betting choice from 5 CHIP to 10,000 CHIP. Double-down is allowed with any player’s first two cards value.

As for its fairness, the CryptoPunt Blackjack integrates the Verifiable Randomness Function (VRF) from Chainlink, thus ensuring that the gambling aspect of Blackjack stays completely random. This makes the game provably fair, allowing anyone and everyone with a bit of luck in their favor to win. Moreover, we have also enhanced the addictive nature of the game through our sleek front-end design. With our carefully thought-out user interface, gamers will get an enriched experience which we are sure you will love!

Now that the game is launched, we are certain that these ideals and promising features will lead CryptoPunt Blackjack to assume the title of the most popular games on-chain. Gamers will be able to bet their PUN tokens and win more PUN tokens with the comfort of knowing every hand is provable and published on the blockchain. All you need is strategy, skills, and luck to stand out of the crowd with the biggest rewards!

Such an exciting game isn’t it?! Head over to and start playing now! To keep up-to-date with all the new games that we are launching and other news and updates, we highly recommend follow us on Twitter, Instagram and subscribe to our newsletter on Substack! We are certain you don’t want to miss being part of the journey with us.



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