CryptoPunt Launches the all-new To the Moon Gameplay!

CryptoPunt is delighted to announce its latest gameplay launch in the form of the fast-paced probability betting ‘To the Moon’. All players now get a chance to win as much the value of the multiplier that increases from 1.00x to soaring prices when the rocket explodes!

To the Moon offers one of the most unique gameplays by allowing players to choose to jump out at any moment they want if they wish to cash out their winnings. They might even set an auto cash-out mechanic to simplify and automate the process once and for all.

  • Players can begin by selecting the betting mode of choice — manual or auto

* * Total bet: the amount of token that players wish to play in total

* * Stop on profit: the value against which the autoplay mechanic will stop if profit is reached

* * Stop on loss: the value against which the autoplay mechanic will stop if loss is reached.

We have consciously kept the To the Moon gameplay simple, fast-paced, and suspenseful to ensure that gamers get their share of thrill while stacking PUN tokens easily.

The game starts automatically and immediately after the countdown. Players have the liberty to wait for the perfect moment and jump into the game any time they want.

Sounds simple, right? To the Moon is truly a game for one and all, so why wait? Head over to and connect your Web3 wallet to the mainnet, followed by navigating to the To the Moon game. Now you can play and stack PUN tokens and earn rewards for real!

At CryptoPunt, we believe in constant and gamechanging innovation, pun intended! We are constantly developing and partnering with unique games for our vibrantly growing community. Now you can join us on Twitter and stay upbeat with the latest news updates from our end on Substack and the CryptoPunt Official Website. Stay tuned and never miss an update from CryptoPunt!



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