What’s in the Pipeline for CryptoPunt: Progress, Updates, and Development

Ever since CryptoPunt went live in October last year, our enterprising team has been working relentlessly, achieving new milestones along the way, and making phenomenal progress. In no time at all, ours has become the first decentralized gaming platform to offer such a wide selection of provably fair gambling games to the ever-expanding blockchain community.

It is time now to review CryptoPunt’s unprecedented progress over the past few months, besides highlighting upcoming developments and updates in the pipeline.


For the fan favorite Blackjack online casino game, we are proud to have reached the final testing phase of the game already. Blackjack is currently fully on chain, and the Smart Contracts protocol has already been tested. What is under progress is the improvement of the game’s front end to enhance user experience on the platform.

Poker Punt

Poker Punt is also being constantly updated with a view to refine the game flow and fix bugs from time to time. The game’s user interface is being paid special attention, and features such as the new [all-in] button and private room are being added. The Smart Contracts protocol of the game is also being improved to enhance its speed and reliability like never before.

An exclusive Multiplayer no-limit Texas Hold’em Poker is on the cards, which will allow up to 5 players. The game is being built from the group up. The game will presently be run off-chain to focus entirely on user experience of this relatively fast-paced card game, besides enabling PUN exchange to Poker Chip.

NFT Space

As for the CryptoPunt NFT space, the marketplace prototype and NFT contracts for Dinorun NFT have already been floated. The web design for the marketplace along with development and integration processes are still in the pipeline. Along with this, a robust distribution plan for the NFT is to be finalized and NFT graphics in the game to be designed and published.


The Dinorun gameplay has already been worked upon in the meantime. What remains to be done is backend optimization for seamless data collection of users, along with development of full feature of farming, daily quests, and crafting

Robot Miner

Robot Miner has become the first game on the CryptoPunt platform to become updated with a dedicated referral rewards system. Now, referrers can receive rewards in the form of PUN tokens according to percentage volume of the amount played with by referred players. To be developed is an exclusive frontend rewards counter that will display not just exact reward amounts but also detailed instructions on the disbursal of rewards amongst winning players.

CryptoPunt has been at the receiving end of appreciation from far and wide, along with constructive feedback and inputs from its ever-growing community. The above are just a few insights into some major plans we have in mind for taking the platform to new heights. Suffice it to say that there are a lot of new features, advancements, and innovations in the pipelines, waiting to be implemented, and there is a lot of progress on CryptoPunt’s cards. Combined with these developments, our marketing efforts and strong community presence has helped CryptoPunt gradually secure a global presence. In no time at all, we are going to be the buzz of the town!

As usual, make sure you follow our socials to stay up to date on any exciting news and updates from our side. Stay tuned!



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